Parody Music for Plant-Based Education

Made with Love, from C&G ♥️ @GoranMrvic Through our music, we hope to inspire a kinder, more sustainable world.🙏🌎 Click "Download" & type “0” or you can make any donation to help support us. We would love to do this full time but we can’t do it without you! Please share this video, comment your thoughts about the animal agriculture industry, and connect with us on social:) Tag a friend who you would love to try a 30-Day Vegan Challenge with! 🤝🐣🌱


What the Health

Let's all change the way we eat


is keeping us sick.

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Let's save our planet together

Animal agriculture is destroying our planet.

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30-Day Challenge

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Our Inspiration

Our inspiration came from watching the following films:What the Health” &“Cowspiracy.”🐮 Thank you to filmmakers Kip Anderson & Keegan Kuhn along with executive producers Joaquin Phoenix & Leonardo DiCaprio for creating those incredibly insightful films. They helped motivate us to transition to a plant based diet, and now we hope to pay it forward by motivating others with our music. 🙏🌎